Country Catering is a small firm owned by Julia who along with her friend Paul have landed a big job at a mansion.  Whilst setting up the bar and tables Paul notices that there are some seriously nasty looking insects flying around.  During the party a hole in the ground appears and a swarm of very unpleasant looking wasps fly out.  They begin to attack the guests and ‘impregnate’ them alien style and turn them into giant flying mutations.

Finding refuge in the house, Paul and Julia along with the town mayor and a couple of other survivors must fight off the ever growing army of the nasty looking buggers.

Stung is primarly a creature feature doused in plenty of ikky effects and lots of humour.  There are some generally funny lines and although the situation is rather grim, the film makers have no issues making it gory and at times rather silly.  This works very well as the two lead characters are likeable and Lance Henriksen playing the Mayor is hilarious.  When the lights go out, Henriksen even asks if these wasps are now electricians with a totally straight face, brilliant.  There is an equal amount of CG and practical effects which go hand in hand rather well.  Some of the CG is a bit suspect but it’s miles better than some of the rubbish that SyFy churn out.

Director Benni Diez has crafted a really fun comedy horror and I found it very entertaining.  Wasps only exist to ruin your day and these definately will.  Good old fashioned nonsense and well worth checking out.

  • Starring Jessica Cook  Matt O’Leary  Lance Henriksen  Clifton Collins, Jr.
  • Director Benni Diez
  • Distributor Entertainment One