Last Embrace

Harry Hannan, an agent for an unknown part of the US Government is having a nice quiet meal with his wife down in Mexico.  Harry is there to meet with an informant but he spots him with some associates some days before the meeting.  During a shoot-out Harry’s wife is killed and for the next couple of months he spends time in a sanitarium due to a breakdown.  When discharged he becomes convinced that someone is trying to kill him.  His boss is unconvinced, but upon learning someone has sub-letted his apartment due to him being away ‘indefinately’ Harry gets more paranoid and then a strange note appears written in Hebrew.

The young woman who is living in his apartment agrees to help him and she directs him to a college professor who is an expert in Jewish history.  At the same time, an agent played by the immortal Charles Napier has been instructed to finish Harry off.  Thus follows a well contructed thriller with an interesting plot based around the Jewish religion crossed with some nutter killing what seems totally random men with no known connections.

Chief Brody himself, Roy Scheider is very impressive as the confused but determined Harry and is backed up by a great supporting cast including Janet Margolin, Sam Levene, John (Daniel Clamp in Gremlins 2) Glover and Christopher Walken.  Also, keep an eye out for a very young Mandy Patinkin (with massive hair) as a commuter. Expertly directed by Jonathan Demme, it’s one of those films that has largely been forgotten but shouldn’t have as it’s really rather good and has one hell of a final act.

  • Starring Roy Scheider  Charles Napier  Janet Margolin  John Glover
  • Director Jonathan Demme
  • Distributor Signal One Entertainment