The Nightmare

I must say I do love a good documentary and not just about films or wrestling as you might expect.  I often scan Netflix and my Sky box for interesting stuff to watch, so when I heard of this film from the fellow who made The Shining doc ‘Room 237’ I was immediately interested.

The Nightmare covers the phenomenon known as Sleep Paralysis where people do not have the ability to move during the state of sleeping and waking up.  What is unusual about this doc is that it dispenses on lengthy scientific monologues from ‘experts’ and just jumps straight into talking with eight different people about their experiences.  All of the eight people have experienced the paralysis and director Rodney Ascher recreates this with actors and some truly disturbing images using special effects.  Nightmares are bad enough as most people would agree but being unable to do anything about them and feeling almost like you’re dying is obviously a horrendous experience.

With it just concentrating on the poor souls who have to live with this and the clever recreations of those ‘dreams’ I found The Nightmare to be rather unique and at times uncomfortable.  My Mum actually asked me at one point to switch it off until she wasn’t around as she didn’t like it as it was too damn creepy.  I, on the other hand thought it was rather good and is definately worth looking at.

  • Director Rodney Ascher
  • Distributor Altitude Films