Sting: Into the Light

Now that Sting has offically joined the ranks of WWE, a detailed biography has been released about the man known to his parents as Steve.  As per usual with a documentary package, we have the main feature which clocks in at about 75 minutes and plenty of matches.  This time our friends in Stamford have gone for broke and we have hours of one of the best wrestlers of the last 25 odd years.

The main doc follows Sting around as he prepares for the WWE, he visits the head office, has meeting with Triple H and we see him watching the network (nice plug there) where he chats away whilst watching some of his matches.  The Ultimate Warrior makes an appearance where their Blade Runners tag team is discussed, I still can’t believe the great man has passed.  We have a little look at his family life, how religion changed him and learn that his pastor brother conducted his recent marriage.

Of course there are literally stacks of quality matches contained on the discs featuring his legendary bouts with Ric Flair, fights with the likes of The Steiners, Rick Rude, Hogan, Goldberg and Bret Hart.  Plenty of wrestlers and industry types are interviewed and I get the impression Sting is a well liked chap.  Blu-ray owners get more again with a tag team match where he partners with Dusty Rhodes against Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard amongst others.

An enlightening and stunningly put together package, quite brilliant and an essential buy.  Even TNA is mentioned!!

  • Starring Sting  Rick Steiner  Booker T  Jim Ross  Bill Watts
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle