Knock Knock

When architect Evan Webber’s family go to the beach for the weekend he uses the time to finish his latest project.  Webber (Keanu Reeves) has the idea family life, two great kids, a cute dog and a beautiful successful wife.  Whilst working on his computer and listening to some music, he hears a knock on his front door.  Upon answering it, he finds two young women soaked due to the rain looking for a friend’s house.  It soon appears that they have got the wrong address and Evan being the perfect gentleman offers to call them a cab and give them a towel.  Soon enough the two girls show their true colours when they flirt with him and eventually seduce him into having a threesome.

Regretting it the next day, Evan realises that is the least of his worries as the two girls go completely ‘psycho’ on him by screwing with his head, tying him up and probably end up killing him.

Hostel and Green Inferno director Eli Roth presents us with what seems at the beginning to be a pretty much run of the mill thriller.  It’s obvious straight away the two girls aren’t quite right in the head, but the way the script twists and also the two terrific turns from Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas give it a bonkers edge.  In my opinion, the two performances from the girls are easily some of the most over the top and deranged pieces of acting acting I seen in years, they are really quite magnificent.

Reaction to the film has been mixed, but in all honesty I found it immensely engaging and at times very, very funny.  Roth has created something quite mad and must be congratulated for putting one of the Hollywood’s biggest stars through some serious shit.  Although I suspect the former Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan probably rather enjoyed it, as did I.

  • Starring Keanu Reeves  Colleen Camp  Ana de Armas  Lorenza Izzo
  • Director Eli Roth
  • Distributor Entertainment in Video