The Enfield Haunting

In the late 1970’s there were reports of poltergeist activity in the newspapers surrounding young children in the London borough of Enfield.  The case was investigated by a number of psychic researchers, some were unconvinced and two (Maurice Grosse and a writer named Guy Lyon Playfair) were sure it was genuine.  This three part mini series is an adaption of their version of events.

Maurice is a member of a psychic society and Playfair is an experienced writer and researcher who are called upon when the Hodgson family report ghostly events in their council house.  Maurice is also getting over the death of his daughter and is immediately attached to the children.  He is determined to find out what the hell is happening in this quiet little house out in the suburbs, but Playfair is more sceptical but eventually he is convinced when he sees it all unfold first hand.

Timothy Spall and Matthew Macfadyen are two excellent actors and give it their awe playing the investigators in this very well made chiller.  The real life events were reported at the time in newspapers and Playfair actually wrote a book on the subject which is readily available.  The haunting sequences in the girl’s bedroom are pretty disturbing and well acted out by the youngsters.  It gets a little bit dopey towards the end where it takes on a ‘English Exorcist vibe’ complete with demonic voices.  Saying that, it’s riveting viewing and definately worth seeing if you didn’t catch it when it was on the telly earlier in the year.

  • Starring Matthew Macfadyen  Timothy Spall  Juliet Stevenson
  • Director Kristoffer Nyholm
  • Distributor Entertainment One