The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Rynn Jacobs is a 13 year old girl who has moved to a small town in Maine with her Father from England.  They live a quiet existence, but the real estate agent Mrs Hallet who rented the property to them gets suspicious as she has never met Rynn’s Father.  The town is your typical small community with plenty of ‘nosey parkers’ and Wynn gets visited on Halloween by Hallet’s son who is the local perv.  Played with the ultimate creepiness by Martin Sheen, he makes his dodgy intentions known straight away upon meeting Rynn.

Tragedy strikes and Rynn befriends a local boy who is also a magician.  Together they form an intense friendship and eventually she opens up regarding the secrets surrounding her family life.

Made around the same time as Bugsy Malone and Taxi Driver, this film shows again that Jodie Foster as a child was an incredible talent, which continued into her adult life.  Martin Sheen is completely vile as the seedy Hallet with a performance that gets right under your skin.  I have never seen the film but had read about it in film books and Foster articles in magazines, all I can say is that it is a really daring film for it’s time.  It’s got quality thespian performances and a really clever script, well recommended.

  • Starring  Jodie Foster  Scott Jakoby  Alexis Smith  Martin Sheen
  • Director Nicolas Gessner
  • Distributor Signal One Entertainment