We Are Still Here

After the tragic loss of their son in a car accident, Anne and Paul Sacchetti move to an old house out in ‘the sticks’ to try and get through their grief.  Anne thinks she hears the voice of her dead son and after some locals inform her that the house has a sinister past, things start going bump in the night.  Inviting some friends up for the weekend  who are ‘into the spirit thing’ Anne hopes she can make contact with her son.  The house is discovered to be haunted by a family from days gone by who were murdered and they don’t like visitors.

This is a seriously grim and well made horror film.  The script whilst not all that original (vengeful ghosts) is played straight except for a few jokey moments with Larry Fessenden playing an old hippy.  It is very atmospheric and claustrophobic as it’s set primarly in one location with the ghosts particulary unpleasant in their killing ways.  The characters are well drawn and sympathetic especially Barbara Crampton as the grieving mother.

As the film is set in 1979 it has a cracking retro feel and isn’t ruined by crappy Michael Bay type editing with noisy rock music.  It’s old school and better for it, truly uncomfortable and unnerving.  A real treat.

  • Starring Barbara Crampton  Andrew Sensenig  Lisa Marie  Larry Fessenden  Monte Markham
  • Director Ted Geoghegan
  • Distributor Studio Canal