At the local slaughterhouse some contaminated chicken makes it’s way into some nuggets which are shipped off to the local fast food joint.  Consumed by a young girl in her kids meal, the nugget oozes some grey sludge out when she bites into the nugget.  The little girl is attending summer school and is in the class of substitute teacher Clint Hadson.  When she is tormented by the class bully Patriot because of her skin condition (cooties) she bites a chunk out his cheek.  Soon enough Patriot turns and starts to infect all the other kids turning them into blood thirsty zombies.  To avoid being eaten like some their colleagues, a bunch of teachers have to fight back and kill the infected before they also become a meal.

Cooties is a riotous film that doesn’t go spare on the gore, it’s as bloody as The Walking Dead complete with a very witty script.  The characters are well rounded with great performances in particular from Rainn Wilson playing the PE teacher and Lost’s Jorge Garcia as the spaced out ‘on mushrooms’ security guard.

Good horror comedies are a rare beast, this one is a little gem and I found myself laughing constantly throughout.  It can be at times very silly but that’s all part of it’s charm and when do you ever see a zombie skipping with entrails?  As Zom-Coms go, file it next to Return of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead.  Definately one of my favourite films for a while.

  • Starring Elijah Wood  Leigh Whannell  Alison Pill  Rainn Wilson
  • Directors Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott
  • Distributor Universal