Tremors 5: Bloodlines

The legendary survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) is now developing his own TV show, whilst filming it he is approached by a man from the South African Wildlife Ministry.  He informs Burt and his new cameraman, Travis that he has an Ass Blaster problem in Africa.  Thinking that Graboids was only a North American issue, Burt agrees to go to Africa to take down the Graboids.  When arriving it appears that the Graboids and Ass Blasters have evolved and are not like their American cousins.

When learning that none of the original creators were involved in the continuation of the series I was a little worried.  Thankfully Michael Gross has returned and stepped into the shoes of Burt like he’s never been away.  Scream’s Jamie Kennedy plays Burt’s sidekick this time around, he is equally obnoxious and funny and plays off Gross well.  Various local African actors are used in supporting roles and are therefore lined up for Graboid fodder.  More CGI is used this time around than the original’s practical effects, but what is used is very good and works well within the film.  There is the obligatory Jurassic Park homage set in a kitchen and a nice touch with a graboid attack in a general store like the first film.

Director Don Michael Paul, whose credits include a Steven Seagal film and a Lake Placid sequel has done well here.  He has put together a great film and a credit to the legend that is the Tremors series.

  • Starring Michael Gross  Jamie Kennedy  Pearl Thusi  Lawrence Joffe
  • Director Don Michael Paul
  • Distributor Universal Studios