The Final Girls

After losing her actress Mother in a car accident, we fast forward a few years and Max Cartwright (Taissa Farmiga) is convinced by the brother of her best friend to attend a screening of the cult film, Camp Bloodbath.  You see back in the day, Max’s Mum starred in the film as one of the victims and unfortunately found herself typecast for the rest of her career.

At the screening, a rowdy crowd enjoy the sheer badness of this film by drinking, cheering and even one chap lighting up some questionable substance.  Due to a mishap a fire starts and Max and her friends escape through the cinema screen by ripping a hole in it.  Whilst they are safe from the fire, they find themselves ‘in the film’.  They have to use their knowledge of the actual film’s plot and the slasher genre to survive their time at Camp Bloodbath.

The Final Girls is a very smart horror comedy with a good script which contains all the cliches and stereotypes from 80’s horror films.  Whilst not particularly violent or gory, it is incredibly funny and the jokes hit home nearly every time especially when they know when the maniac is around as they can hear his ‘Friday the 13th’ rip off style music.

One might compare it to Scream, which was just as much a homage as it was a horror with some funny moments.  This Film knows it’s a comedy and is not afraid to take the mickey out of the genre but also embrace it.  I really enjoyed it, sure it’s rather stupid at times but it works in the film’s favour and is a ferociously entertaining piece of cinema which comes highly recommended.

  • Starring Taissa Farmiga  Malin Ackerman  Adam DeVine  Nina Dobrev
  • Director Todd Strauss-Schulson
  • Distributor Sony