Insidious Chapter 3

If you recall Elise Rainier played by the great character actress Lin Shaye died in the first film and came back as a sort of spirit guide in the sequel.  This film is set before the events of the original movie and chronicles the story of Quinn, a young teenage girl whose Mother has passed away.

Elise agrees that she will try and reach out to Quinn’s Mother but is warned off by a rather unpleasant demonic entity.  Elise leaves but tells Quinn that she must not try to contact her Mother, but the youngster continues.  Soon enough supernatural forces begin to plague her and following a car accident, she is bedridden.  Things really kick off now and the demonic forces start to play with Elise’s head using the form of her dead husband.

What I really like about Chapter 3 is that with it being a prequel you can forget about Elise being dead, see a previous case and how she bonded with Specs and Tucker.  There are lots of scary noises, creepy ghosts and great performances from all the cast. Writer/director (and Specs) Leigh Whannell crafts a picture full of atmosphere and must be proud that this is his directorial debut.  Lin Shaye as I mentioned above is a great actress and this film allows her to shine.  Elise is a really interesting character and I hope Whannell brings her back for another story.

Immensely entertaining and a damn good horror film to boot.

  • Starring Lin Shaye  Dermot Mulroney  Stefanie Scott  Angus Sampson
  • Director Leigh Whannell
  • Distributor Entertainment One