The Houses of Halloween aka The Houses October Built

Five friends jump in an RV and travel across America in search of the ultimate haunted attraction.  This being the States and how much they love Halloween, the money to be made in being scared for fun is immense.  The whole trip is being documentated by cameras, so we are in the dreaded ‘found footage’ territory.

Real life scary attractions were used in the film and some of them are quite an eye opener for us in the UK who are used to dodgy old ghost trains at the seaside.  ‘Extreme’ attractions are very popular which push the envelope of good taste and it is the holy grail of them ‘The Blue Skeleton’ that the friends are searching for.  Of course nothing goes to plan and they constantly seem to upset the rednecks whose attractions they go to.

The film is very natural and the five leads all going by their real first names come across very well and not at all annoying.  There are a few times when you would like to slap one of them for making some silly choices, but generally the action of screen flows quite well.  The film also contains an obscene amount of vile looking clowns which for some such as my good friend Mr. Tom might be a bit too much.

For a ‘found footage’ film, it’s not bad at all.  I didn’t get bored so that’s a recommendation in itself.

  • Starring Zack Andrews  Jeff Larson  Mikey Roe  Bobby Roe  Brandy Schaefer
  • Director Bobby Roe
  • Distributor Kaleidoscope