Good People

Moving to London for a fresh start, young married couple Tom and Anna Wright are struggling financially due to mounting bills and Tom renovating a house left to him by a relative.  Meanwhile across town there is a armed raid going down where cash and heroin are stolen.  The drugs and money belong to Khan, a French big time drug dealer who is obviously displeased.  Tom and Anna’s lodger is notorious for having his TV on loud and one evening they have had enough and go downstairs to confront him, but he is dead.  The police are called and a Detective Inspector (Tom Wilkinson) starts sniffing around.  When clearing out their lodger’s stuff, Tom and Anna find a sports bag full of cash.  Foolishly they decide a keep the money.

Good People is an enjoyable thriller, although at times slightly unbelievable.  The two leads (James Franco and Kate Hudson) give it their best and Tom Wilkinson is good as the grizzled detective.  Chief bad guy Witkowski (Sam Spruell) is great and very handy with a snooker cue, you may recognise him from Taken 3.

It won’t set the thriller genre alight due to being a bit silly, but I found it a pleasant way to spend 90 minutes and it’s worth a bash.

  • Starring Kate Hudson  James Franco  Tom Wilkinson  Anna Friel
  • Director Henrik Ruben Genz
  • Distributor Lionsgate