The Canal

David and Claire are a young married couple who at the beginning of the film have moved in to a new house.  Claire is also pregnant, we then fast forward a couple of years and they have a son called Billy.  Claire is a bit of a high flier and works long hours, whilst David is a film archivist and one day gets handed a stack of old police cine footage.  It turns out the house they live in has a long history of murder and weird goings-on.  Soon enough David is getting very paranoid, edgy and then discovers his wife is playing away from home.  So shadows, weird sounds and a truly horrible ghost prowling David’s possible sub-conscious are the order of the day now.  Soon enough it all goes pear shaped and the terror gets ramped up in this incredibly well made atmospheric chiller.

The cast are excellent in particular the lead Rupert Evans as David and the little lad Calum Heath playing Billy.  For such a young ‘un, he is very good considering he has some serious shit going on around him.  The copper investigating it all is Steve Oram from Sightseers (he’s the one with the ginger beard) who knows something isn’t right but can’t seem to put it all together.  The sound effects are great as is some of the make-up which at one point point is very disturbing and quite gross.  I am generally surprised this one got a ’15’ from the BBFC.

I was very impressed and therefore it’s an essential watch for fans of creepy ghost movies that mess with your head and one to watch with the light on.

  • Starring Rupert Evans  Hannah Hoesktra  Kelly Bryne  Steve Oram
  • Director Ivan Kavanagh
  • Distributor Kaleidoscope Entertainment