In the 23rd century, the world’s population is either on or under the poverty line.  There are off world mining colonies which pay extremely well but carry a risk.  In order to travel such huge distances ‘slipstreaming’ has been inventing.  Basically it is instantaneous travel to wherever you are programmed to go to.  As it is a highly paid job, people are willing to risk the dangers in order to provide for themselves and their families.  Whit Carmichael is the new boy and whilst preparing for his his first trip, a previous team returns going berzerk, showing some kind of virus.  Whit barely escapes with his life and is slipstreamed out of there.  As news hits of the outbreak, another team elsewhere prepares to rescue Whit and investigate.  What they find when they get there is something quite beyond their comprehension.

Infini is a well made adult sci-fi horror dripping in claustrophobic atmosphere.  The film has many influences (Aliens, Event Horizon, Contamination) and is incredibly well put together and acted.  The sets are well constructed and the special effects are complimentary to the main action.  I rather enjoyed it and it’s worth the time and effort to seek it out.  All is not what seems in the final act and I must commend the film makers for this, i.e trying something a bit original.

In the words of a certain Dark Lord of the Sith, “Impressive, most impressive”…

  • Starring Daniel MacPherson  Luke Hemsworth  Grace Huang
  • Director Shane Abbess
  • Distribution Altitude