Bait (2015)

Best friends Bex and Dawn run a cake stall at the local market.  They have dreams of opening a cafe in the high street but are turned down by the local bank and building society.  Enter Jeremy, a rather friendly fellow who chats away to them at their stall and eventually asks Dawn out for a drink.  It turns out Jeremy is the local loan shark who along with bald henchman Si menaces the locals if they don’t pay up on time.  Although Bex and Dawn don’t actually borrow any money, Jeremy racks up ‘charges’ against them and soon enough their lives are in danger.

Set against the everyday struggle of debt and surviving in the current financial climate, Bait is one mean violent thriller.  The two central characters are believably played by Joanne Mitchell and Victoria Smurfit who are stuck in a situation where there seems to be no escape.  However, the acting honours go to Jonathan Slinger as Jeremy, a really horrible bastard who is one money lender not afraid to get his hands dirty.  The film does feature a considerable amount of strong violence especially against OAP’s for some reason and the final act is as brutal as they come.

A damn fine ‘girls get their own back’ revenge thriller from ‘Paddy’ in Emmerdale and is highly recommended.  It will be interesting to see what Dominic Brunt has up his sleeve next as he has proven to be quite the talent behind the camera.

  • Starring Victoria Smurfit  Joanne Mitchell  Jonathan Slinger  Rula Lenska
  • Director Dominic Brunt
  • Distributor Metrodome