War Pigs

After a mission goes wrong and all his men are killed, Lt. Jack Wosick is given the task of whipping a bunch of squaddies know as the ‘War Pigs’ into shape for a mission behind enemy lines.  His superior played by Mickey Rourke promises him his dodgy war record will go away if the mission is successful.  Wosick agrees and meets Captain Picault (Dolph Lundgren) of the French Foreign Legion who will assist him.  The War Pigs have had the war a bit easy, so Wosick and Picault have to kick their asses to get them combat ready.  They soon get their mission orders and off they trek behind enemy lines.

Luke Goss does well as Wosick and is quite impressive in his role as leader and Lundgren is Dolph Lundgren in a Foreign Legion hat and provides his usual action film charm.  Say what you want, this guy was He-Man and Ivan Drago!!  The supporting War Pigs are your normal stereotypical army dudes such as the asshole and the new boy, in all fairness they provide more than ample support to the main leads.  Mickey Rourke turns up for a paycheck and I would imagine his filming was about a day, two at most.  The film is well made and there is lots of shootings and nasty kills in the final act.  Plenty of Nazis hit the deck with blood squibs galore with a couple of stabbings/slashings thrown in as well for good measure.

War Pigs is an old fashioned ‘Men on a Mission’ movie and whilst far from perfect, it’s an entertaining piece of hokum with the bloke from Bros.

  • Starring Luke Goss  Dolph Lundgren  Mickey Rourke  Chick Liddell
  • Director Ryan Little
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment