Battleground 2015

Poor old Seth Rollins, in this year’s Battleground PPV he had to endue the wrath of a certain Brock Lesnar due to him taking the world title off of him at Wrestlemania.  It was a slightly one sided affair with the finish being slightly odd, but we all know how it ended and what it set up.

The pre-show match was the battle of two kings (Wade Barrett and R-Truth).  Truth in his King Wassup persona with bedsheet cape, paper crown and sink plunger makes a hysterical sight.  It does slightly knock some prestige off Wade’s true King status, but the comedy I think was gold with Barrett playing a good straight man.  Next, Randy Orton took on the man who doesn’t look stupid (Sheamus) in a reasonable beginner for the main card.  Prime Time Players defended their new tag team belts against The New Day featuring my man of the moment, Xavier Woods.  Bray Wyatt fought Roman Reigns with The Rock’s cousin getting attacked by a mystery man with a beard as good as Wyatt’s.  There was a triple threat women’s match next between Charlotte, Sasha and Brie Bella.  Good result on that one.  Kevin Owen’s push received a road block as he took on John Cena.  It was obviously Kevin wouldn’t win this feud but Cena proves that when he has a good opponent and allowed, he can improve upon his move set.  The main event was Rollins vs. Lesnar where Rollins was thrown and suprexed around like a rag doll.

Battleground 2015 was not bad, it isn’t the best PPV this year, but it had some good story development and a return of some bloke whose brother got help in the past from a Dr. Shelby.

The DVD features the pre-show match, interviews and The New Day showing us the power of postitivity.  The blu-ray gets a bit more.

  • Starring Kevin Owens  Xavier Woods  Luke Harper  Sheamus
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle