The Kliq Rules

The Kliq in their day were notorious (depending who you spoke to) for their alleged back stage politics and behind the scenes skulduggery.  Of course much has passed in to legend and even today their influence can be felt.  Comprising of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, their in ring performances were magnificient but their fellow wrestler’s views of them were very different to the fans.

The set comprises of various matches from both WWE and WCW featuring them fighting amongst themselves and others.  The usual suspects are included such as Razor Ramon and Michaels’ ladder match from Wrestlemania X, HHH vs. Sting from this year’s Wrestlemania and many more.  Extra matches are included on the blu-ray as is the norm and the infamous ‘curtain call’ incident from Madison Square Garden is discussed at length in the short but interesting documentary on disc one.  Plus I’m always up to see HHH’s Hunter Hearst Helmsley persona with his long coat, bowing and classical music entrance.

Touching on the documentary for a moment, it’s obvious that a lot of fellow wrestlers were not fans back then which include Shane Douglas and Bret Hart as well as behind the scenes guys such as Jim Cornette.  There is no doubt they were good for the wrestling business as a whole, but they didn’t half rub people up the wrong way.  There has been personal demons for several members to deal with over the years and even when they don’t meet up for a long time, you can see the ‘love in the room’ when they are together.

It’s a pretty good package overall with some great matches and an honest, in depth (which I would preferred to be a bit longer) documentary included as well.  Nice for wrestling historians and good to show the kids how this era of wrestling (Attitude, Monday Night Wars, PG) really began with the breaking of kayfabe.

  • Starring X-Pac  HHH  Shawn Michaels  Razor Ramon  Diesel  Sgt. Slaughter
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle