The Krays – Kill Order

With Tom Hardy’s ‘Legend’ coming out and another version of their life just released (see review here) we have yet another documentary telling us the exploits of the twins.

It’s pretty well known what they got up to such as the establishment ‘contacts’ and the alleged disposal of bodies, but this documentary put together by interviewing many of the surviving men from that era pulls no punches.  Also, there are audio recordings of Reggie Kray himself included.  Lots of the stories are familar to Kray scholars but I found it very interestimg listening to members of ‘The Firm’ tell their version of the events such as the disappearance of Frank Mitchell and the death of Reggie’s wife.  Amazingly they weren’t all that keen on Ron and Reg at all and a couple of the old boys despised them.

It’s a terrific companion piece to any of the three Kray films made and even I was shocked by some of their shenanigans, probably because they were real life characters and not some dude in a hockey mask.

If you like real life crime, it’s a done deal.

  • Starring Freddie Foreman  Frankie Fraser  Toby Von Judge
  • Director Christopher Matthews
  • Distributor Metrodome