Vendetta (2015)

Mason Danvers is a good cop and along with his partner has tracked down Victor Abbot and his brother who are notorious scumbags.  Both brothers are sent to prison awaiting trial unfortunately due to witness intimidation, they walk free.  Planning revenge on Danvers, Victor brutally kills his wife just before our hero can stop him.  Grief stricken, Danvers plans his revenge by getting sent to the same prison which is now holding Victor.  Soon after his arrival, he is beaten up in the prison laundry by some of Victor’s goons and after his release from the prison infirmary plots his revenge.

Vendetta showcases the previously unknown talents of Paul ‘The Big Show’ Wight as a vile nasty bastard.  In his wrestling persona he often goes from heel to face, but this film lets him go to town playing a total shit.  Throw in a dodgy corrupt Warden who is working with Victor, some of the nastiest fights I’ve seen in ages and you have a very, very enjoyable prison picture.

The Soska Sisters who previously helmed American Mary and See No Evil 2 (with Kane) have put together possibly one of the best WWE Studios films yet.  The acting of the leads (Dean Cain and Big Show) is very good and we have great stereotypical prison types lining up to be slaughtered.  The fighting as I mentioned above is incredibly violent and bloody, so it’s not for Show’s younger fans.

Great ass kicking fun and for WWE haters (how could you be?) watch it, the film is that good.

  • Starring Paul Wight  Dean Cain  Michael Eklund
  • Directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska
  • Distributor Lionsgate