Eden Lodge



Rachel and Adam are new parents, but they are trying to get their marriage back on track and have returned to the UK from America.  They are travelling along a country road when Adam spots someone in the road and swerves to avoid them.  Unfortunately when he goes to where he thinks the body was, nothing is there except blood and now the car won’t start.  Thankfully, a friendly ‘Farmer Giles’ type taps on their window and informs them there is accommodation just a half a mile away.  Adam and Rachel (and their baby Alfie) make their way to ‘Eden Lodge’ and are greeted by it’s owner Mrs. Wilkes who reminds me a lot of the late great Shelia Keith from Pete Walker’s many 70’s epics.

Everything seems fine until Rachel starts to get paranoid that Adam is ‘playing away from home’ again and unknown to them, bodies are beginning to pile up in the shed.

Eden Lodge is a cruel gory chiller and has an absolute nutter as the killer.  Although it isn’t hard to work out who the psycho is, the performance given from the afore mentioned thespian is terrific and quite deranged.  The film makers must also be commended for making a horror film set in a remote forest location and not an in-bred in sight!!

The film isn’t going to set the genre or even the film world on fire, but it’s all very engaging and a pleasure to watch.  Scary thing is, ‘Google’ Eden Lodge and the amount of holiday homes in the UK called that is incredibly disturbing.

  • Starring Ellie Dickens  Cyd Casados  Ben Gardner Gray
  • Director Andreas Prodromou
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment