Unconscious aka Amnesiac

A man wakes up in what seems to be a hospital bed in an empty room.  He is informed by a woman who says she is his wife that they have been in a car accident.  The man cannot remember anything so is totally reliant on his wife to fill in the gaps.  The ‘wife’ is quite a strange one, she dresses like its the 60’s and has a quiet voice which doesn’t change even when emotions run high.

As time passes by, things don’t feel right so he begins to explore the house.  The wife keeps giving him medication for his broken leg and brain injury which only makes him more confused.  It doesn’t help that he has just found a corpse in a cupboard…

Unconscious is a strange film.  It takes quite a while to get going and it’s one of those movies you have to watch until the very end to find out what the hell it was all about.  Kate Bosworth gives a demented chilling performance as the scary wife and Wes Bentley backs her up as the poor abused bloke tied to the bed.  The film also features perhaps the laziest Police Detective ever on film.  All he is interested in his his newspaper and seems awfully pissed off when people go missing, which means he has to get up off his ass.

The film is very ‘out there’ at times and although slightly Misery’esque.  It is a bit different than the norm so give it a go, you may well like it.

  • Starring Kate Bosworth  Wes Bentley  Richard Riehle
  • Director Micael Polish
  • Distributor Kaledioscope