Rise of The Krays

Very few people have not heard of the Kray twins (at least not in the UK) and their exploits in the 1950/60’s.  They have already been the subject of countless documentaries, books and the classic film with the Kemp brothers.  This year (2015) marks the release of two more films, the big budget Tom Hardy version and this one a smaller production backed by Mr. Dirty Mags and part owner of West Ham United, David Sullivan.

Our story starts when the twins are teenagers and immediately it is apparent that Ronnie is the more violent of the two.  Suffice to say Reggie is a bit tasty as well and soon enough they run a snooker club, as well as roughing up the local Maltese gangsters for good measure. As time goes on, their empire begins to build and they get to know very powerful people in the establishment.  This in turn is handy as the police can’t touch them and they literally get away with murder.

The film covers the story up until they give some poor sod a ‘chelsea smile’.  Jack the Hat, George Cornell and Frank Mitchell (look them up)  aren’t even touched upon, so one would assume that they will crop up in the second part (Fall of The Krays).  The twins are played by relatively unknown actors Kevin Leslie (Reg) and Simon Cotton (Ron).  Cotton has the showier role as the psychotic Ronnie and is tremendously entertaining and well OTT, especially when he goes off on one which as you would imagine is quite frequent.  The period detail is excellent with plenty of old cars on display and a great wardrobe for the cast.  There has been some criticism thrown at the film and to be fair it’s not perfect, however it’s a good British crime pic and makes a real nice change from football hooligans, hoodies and chavs up to no good.

It’s no where near as good as ‘The Krays’ which is a personal favourite as the film skims over big influences in their life such as their Mum, Grandfather and Reg’s wife but it is viciously violent and incredibly well made.  I can do nothing but recommend it fully, but it’s not suited for ‘soft lads’ so go and watch The Night Garden instead.

  • Starring Danny Midwinter  Simon Cotton  Kevin Leslie  Alexa Morden
  • Director Zackary Adler
  • Distributor Signature