There have been many haunted doll movies made over the years, the Childs Play films are probably the most famous but recently the real life case of ‘Annabelle’ became the inspiration for a very successful film after appearing in the The Conjuring.  Step forward a new kid on the block…  Robert.

Based loosely around a real life doll stored now in Florida.  Robert tells us the story of the Otto family who have to dismiss their sinister looking cleaner Agatha as she is getting forgetful and possibly going a bit senile.  When she leaves she gives the son, Gene a doll called Robert who will now be his best friend.  Suffice to say all is not well with this odd looking doll and things start to go bump in the night. Gene then informs his parents Robert talks to him.

The film borrows many elements of scary doll films, Chucky obviously being the most influential, but Robert actually resembles a rather horrible version of ‘Fats’ from Magic.  Less is more in these kind of films and Robert’s shenanigans are brought to the screen by clever photography, shadows and funny noises.  Performance wise the cast do well especially the young lad who Robert wants to be friends with forever.  The electronic score is atmospheric except for the dodgy Elevator music version of ‘You Raise Me Up’ which crops up in a dinner scene.  Film-maker Andrew Jones has used real life elements of the story bringing his vision to life and has done really well with a low budget.  His prolific output is quite staggering and with the amount of films he’s making in such a short space of time, he’s fast approaching being a Welsh Jess Franco (that’s a compliment).

Cheap, cheerful and fun.  The doll is vile and I do hope there is a sequel as it’s nice for us to have a British Chucky.

  • Starring Suzie Frances Garton  Lee Bane  Flynn Allen  Judith Haley
  • Director Andrew Jones
  • Distributor 4 Digital Media