Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE

Jim Johnston is the man responsible for some of wrestling’s greatest ever entrance themes and in the process has sold millions of records.  He has also dabbled in film scores with No Holds Barred and other WWE Studios productions.  This documentary gives us the top 25 of Superstars theme music including all the classics including entrance themes for the likes of Randy Orton, The Undertaker and even The Brood.

Johnston has recently been in Total Divas where the poor man had to be subjected to Nikki Bella’s appalling singing, but this DVD gives us a better chance to know how this guy ticks.  He is an incredibly talented bloke and has a killer studio set-up in WWE HQ.   One of the best parts is where he plays The Undertaker’s theme music on a piano where it comes across not only beautiful but creepy at the same time.  Billy Gunn gets excited on one of the extras about his Mr. Ass theme which I personally think is the craziest most innuendo filled theme ever.  No one is ever going to agree withe the top 25 as we all have different views but there is no doubt all the big hitters are included.

It’s quite an old production as you can immediately tell by the WWE logo (it was released in early 2014 in the US).  It’s also very similar to the ‘Countdown’ shows on the Network so whether or not you fancy adding it to your collection is your decision.   It is fairly cheap but not completely essential.  Perhaps one for WWE completists.

  • Starring Jim Johnston  Billy Gunn  Triple H  Fandango  John Cena  Dwayne Johnson
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle