Nightmare City

An aeroplane lands at an airport and apparently it appears there is no one on board.  When the authorities get the door open they are greeted by blood thirsty mutants.  These mutants or zombies (you pick) are the results of radio active exposure and need constant blood to survive.  Ace reporter Dean Miller witnesses this, but when he tries to let the public know, he is shut down by shady army types led by General Murchison (Mel Ferrer).

It’s not long before all hell breaks loose and the mutants start to take over the city.  These guys are a different kind of zombie.  These are not the shuffling ‘Romero’ types as they have super human strength and intelligence to use axes, knifes and anything that can take someone down.

The film is totally barking mad and utterly ridiculous in fact it’s possibly one of the craziest horror films ever made.  The make up effects aren’t bad even if some of the zombies look like someone has thrown up on them.  In fact although the film is a low budget Italian-Spanish exploitation picture from 1980, the photography is pretty good and betrays it’s cheapo origins.

The blu-ray is stacked with extras including a commentary from Fango editor Chris Alexander, interviews and Eli Roth raving about director Umberto Lenzi.  Considering the negative used for this release was a little knackered to say the least, the restoration done to the film is pretty good.  There is a little featurette on the disc explaining the issues with the restoration which is definately worth a watch.

Nightmare City is a great film, naff of course but amazingly enjoyable.  Switch off your brain and enjoy a real gem.

  • Starring Hugo Stiglitz  Laura Trotter  Mel Ferrer
  • Director Umberto Lenzi
  • Distributor Arrow Video