Many years a deranged wife-beating farmer killed his family by chopping them up.  The locals were obviously not pleased, tracked him down and hung him.  The next day however Madman Marz’s body was gone.  This story is told around the campfire by Max the head councillor at a summer camp.  One of the dopey kids calls out Marz’s name and smashes one of the windows in his supposed deserted house.  So it’s not long before he returns, sharpening his axe and taking it out on the councillors.

Madman was originally made at the end of 1980 and appeared on the American drive thru circuit in 1982.  The slasher craze was at it’s height and Madman was one film in a long line of them featuring maniacs on the loose.  Originally it was based around the ‘Cropsy’ urban legend but The Weinsteins and Tony Maylam got there first with ‘The Burning’.  The script was therefore re-worked and Madman Marz was created.

It’s all rather good early 80’s fun with some nice deaths, reasonable make-up effects, interesting moustaches, fantastic piss poor acting and unlikeable councillors you can’t wait to get butchered.  The blu-ray contains stacks of extras including interviews, trailers and a great documentary celebrating the film.

File it next to your copy of The Burning, My Bloody Valentine and The Prowler as fine examples of the slasher film genre.  Well worth getting, shame we never saw Marz again.

  • Starring Alexis Dubin (Gaylen Ross from the original Dawn of the Dead)  Paul Ehlers  Tony Fish
  • Director Joe Giannone
  • Distributor Arrow