Horror Hospital

The film also known as ‘Computer Killers’ (which is possibly one of the most appalling film retitlings of all time), Horror Hospital tells you the story of wannabe pop impresario Jason Jones who goes to a country retreat after a deal goes sour.  He meets a young woman named Judy on the train who is also going to the retreat to see her Aunt.  When arriving there, he is greeted by a dwarf manservant and Judy’s Aunt.  Something doesn’t fit quite right and soon they meet Dr. Storm who has been operating on members of the ‘young generation’ turning them into his slaves.  Jason tries to fight back and is soon assisted by a boyfriend of one of Storm’s ‘patients’.

Horror Hospital is one of those films that is so much fun, it’s contagious.  Some of the acting isn’t the best in particular Vanessa Shaw who plays Judy.  She is there to look pretty, scream and take her clothes off, but her thespian talents leave a lot to be desired. Michael Gough as Dr. Storm plays it dead straight with a generous slice of ham, Robin Askwith plays Robin Askwith, i.e. cockney charmer, Skip Martin is hilarious as the servant Frederick and Dennis Price steals every scene he’s in as gay travel agent, Mr. Pollack.  It’s got great production values, some of the brightest blood ever on camera and a great music score from the DeWolfe library.

It’s camp, naff and brilliant all wrapped up in an irresistible package of pure unadulterated 70’s cinema joy.

  • Starring Michael Gough  Robin Askwith  Vanessa Shaw  Kurt Christian
  • Director Antony Balch
  • Distributor Odeon