Battle Beyond the Stars

The Inter-Galactic scumbag Sador (John Saxon in a gleeful OTT performance) loves to conquer planets or destroy them and he has set his sights on Akir, a place of peace and happiness.  Sador has a weapon called the Stellar Converter which is rather like a portable Death Star capable of obliterating planets.  As Akir has no defence, a young man named Shad volunteers to search for mercenaries to help with the fight against Sador.

Shad manages to get together a ‘unique’ band of individuals to fight Sador including clones, an exiled mercenary living all on his own amongst his own riches and a travelling delivery man from Earth called Cowboy played by George Peppard.  Basically a very loose remake of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ even Robert Vaughn pops up as one of the mercenaries and an obvious cash-in due to the success of Star Wars.

Made by Roger Corman’s New World Pictures and directed by Jimmy (The Snowman) T. Murakami, it’s packed with special effects some good and some a bit ropey.  A certain James Cameron worked on this film and had quite a career later on as we all know.  It has a rousing score from James Horner which was recycled quite a few times by Corman on later pictures and gives the film a epic feel on what was a fairly cheap production.

Battle Beyond the Stars is great fun, it’s got some priceless dialogue, creative looking aliens and a gravity defying wardrobe for Sybil Danning.  It is over thirty years but who cares when it’s all so enjoyable.

  • Starring Richard Thomas  Darlanne Fluegel  George Peppard  Earl Boen
  • Director Jimmy T. Murakami
  • Distributor Shout Factory