The Monday Night War Volume 1 – Shots Fired

The Monday Night War series is one of the WWE Network original shows and has won many fans with it’s behind the scenes story of the battle for ratings between Vince McMahon and Ted Turner.  It features many of the major players telling you the stories on what went on behind the curtains, which at times is so incredible, it’s amazing some of it actually happened.

Now the first ten shows are being released across 4 DVD’s with the blu-rays having some matches and promos as extras.  All the major angles are covered here (with the remaining shows getting released in October).  So you have the rise of the NWO, Ted Turner buying Crockett Promotions, episodes devoted to DX, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, the Attitude era and much more.  After each show there is a recap with Renee Young, HHH, and Sting where they discuss that particular part of history.

It is a fantastic show and an essential part of wrestling history, the question is, is it worth it when you can watch it anytime on the network?   I would say if you are a serious WWE/WCW buff, buy the blu-ray as there is a lot more for just a couple of quid.  Otherwise the decision rests entirely with you.

  • Starring  Sting  Bill Goldberg  Vince McMahon  Mick Foley  Dean Malenko
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle