Good Kill

Major Tommy Egan is a ex-fighter pilot now grounded and responsive for the firing of drone missiles at various targets across the middle east.  Tommy is a family man who lives off the barracks with his wife and two kids.  His job is hard and involves total disengagement when he pulls the trigger from thousands of miles away.  He is a troubled soul and enjoys a drink a little bit too much so when his commanding officer informs him that the CIA are now deciding their targets Tommy begins to question what he does and does it create more problems.

Ethan Hawke turns in another excellent performance as the tortured Major and is backed up by a talented supporting cast including January Jones and Bruce Greenwood.  Director Andrew Niccol’s script is played deadly serious and shows the real battles soldiers have when they begin to doubt if a war is really necessary.

Good Kill is a quality drama and although it’s lack of action might put off some, what you have here is a film which makes you think which is always good in my book.

  • Starring Ethan Hawke  Zoe Kravitz  January Jones  Bruce Greenwood
  • Director Andrww Niccol
  • Distributor Arrow Films