Blackfoot Trail aka Backcountry

Does a bear shit in the woods is a question often asked?  Although that isn’t answered with this film, it does inform you that a bear’s natural habitat is definately their own.

Alex and Jenn are a young couple on a hiking holiday.  He has been to the national park before and makes a big mistake by being a bit flash and not taking a map from the local ranger.  All is well, the couple set up camp and Alex goes off to get some fire wood.  When he returns he finds a stranger Brad talking to Jenn.  Uneasy at first they ask Brad to join them for the evening meal.  Brad is a little odd and eventually they feel uncomfortable in his company.  The next day they continue on to their destination but a wild animal is following and tracking them.

Blackfoot Trail is one damn fine thriller with some horror elements.  The photography is stunning making use of the beautiful natural surroundings and the film also has a nice sound mix.  Performance wise, the two main leads are believable and the tension is racked right up when the bear is around.  Gruesome in parts but only when really necessary with a couple of moments I even turned away from.

Highly recommended.

  • Starring Missy Peregrym  Jeff Roop  Eric Balfour  Nicholas Campbell
  • Director Adam MacDonald
  • Distributor 4 Front Films