The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

Certainly one of the most controversial horror series of all time arrives with the “Final Sequence” now set in a prison.  Director Tom Six reunites the two stars of part one and two who now play different characters, a genuine Hollywood star (Eric Roberts) and ex-WWE wrestler/ actor Tiny (Zeus) Lister.

Bill and his equally unpleasant colleague Dwight will stop at nothing to cause pain and misery to the prison’s inmates.  Breaking arms and water boarding are commonplace to keep order.  When the Warden arrives Dwight suggests making a huge Human Centipede to prove to the prisoners crime doesn’t pay.  Even Tom Six playing himself then turns up and agrees to it as long as he can watch the operation.

Suffice to say, the film is very grim indeed.  It features Clitoris eating (i.e. removed and dried), rape, eating poo and all other mind of perversions.  Like the first two films, it’s certainly an aquired taste (Human Centipede joke).  I personally didn’t like the second one that much, but part 3 is so offensive, stupid, gross and ‘out there’ it has to be experienced to be believed.

Worth trying out if you like parts one and two, but if easily offended steer well clear.  I was grossed out a couple of times but it is a unique cinematic experience

  • Starring Dieter Laser  Lawrence R. Harvey  Eric Roberts  Bree Olson
  • Director Tom Six
  • Distributor Eureka