Mona Lisa

George has just been released from prison, his ex-wife doesn’t want to know him (they have a daughter together) and the only friend he has is mechanic Thomas.  George previously worked for dodgy porn king Denny Mortwell and whilst trying to find him after his release, he is given the job of driving around a ‘tall thin black tart’ to her various clients.

The call girl Simone  has a shady past (psycho pimp, missing friend) and they instantly clash due to them being polar opposites.  The relationship however eventually blossoms into one of friendship and respect, but Mortwell wants to know what Simone does with an arab client so he can ‘move up the ladder’.  Also, George agrees to look for Simone’s friend Cathy which means he needs to enter the murky world of 80’s Soho.

Mona Lisa is easily one of the best British films ever made. The acting from all the cast is top notch and the screenplay from director Neil Jordan and David Leland is both touching, funny and sad.  Arrow have nicely restored the film and include a commentary and interviews as extras.

Although it’s been released several times before and even given away as a free DVD in The Sun, it’s worth double dipping solely down to the fact, the picture and sound is great (no fake 5.1 track here).  A magnificent film and one to be cherished.

  • Starring Bob Hoskins  Cathy Tyson  Michael Caine  Robbie Coltrane
  • Director Neil Jordan
  • Distributor Arrow Video