Hawk the Slayer

When the evil Voltan kills their Father, the dying man bequeaths a magical sword to his youngest son Hawk who swears vengeance for his Father’s demise.  After Voltan ransacks a village, he makes his way to an abbey where he menaces and kidnaps a nun.  A survivor of Voltan’s attack has been there tending his wounds and travels to the Abbot for advice on returning the kidnapped nun to her home.  There he is told of a man named Hawk who travels the land doing good deeds.  He tracks down Hawk who rounds up a band of ‘merry men’ including a giant played by Carry on legend Bernard Blesslaw to take on Voltan (with his Darth Vader inspired helmet) and his cronies.

Hawk the Slayer is full of fighting, magic, and cheesy thrills which makes good old fashioned entertainment with a capital E.  I first saw it as a kid on video from Precision in one of those oversized cassette tape boxes and loved it immediately.  Jack Palance playing Voltan must have gone on a diet after making this film with the amount of scenery chewing he did,  John Terry makes a fine Hawk and the supporting cast is packed full of familiar British talent including Roy Kinnear and Annette (Victor Meldrew’s wife) Crosbie.  A big thumbs up also to the 80’s synth disco inspired soundtrack (which sounds like the composer has listened to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds a bit too much).

Brilliant, amazing, superb, timeless what more can be said about Hawk the Slayer.  I adore this film big time.

  • Starring  Jack Palance  John Terry  Bernard Blesslaw  Harry Andrews
  • Director Terry Marcel
  • Distributor Network