Crime are at record levels in Johannesburg so the government need a solution.  That solution being robots developed by Tetravaal a weapons manufacturer.  Crime drops and the programme’s creator Deon is hailed a genius.  However elsewhere dodgy Aussie soldier turned engineer Vincent Moore has his own programme and agenda which will soon come to light.  Outside of work Deon creates a programme which will give the robots artificial intelligence. Unfortunately he is kidnapped by criminals and forced to put his software into a damaged police robot, thus CHAPPiE is born.

Of course we’ll not talking Short Circuit here and soon enough we have explosions, loads of shooting, Hugh Jackman being a shit and Sharlito Copley giving Andy Serkis a run for his money in brilliant motion capture performances.  The effects are superb and with the great South African locations the film oozes quality.  Director Neill Blomkamp has once again produced another first class sci-fi picture with a heart.  This guy has so much talent it is quite unbelievable and his forthcoming take on Alien is equally awaited.

Cast wise, Jackman (who is having a ball) and Copley I’ve mentioned but there are equally good turns from Dev Patel and Sigourney Weaver as well as local South African talent including some rappers.

To be fair, its one of the best film in ages and a no-brainer for anyone’s collection.

  • Starring Dev Patel  Sharlito Copley  Hugh Jackson  Ninja
  • Director Neill Blomkamp
  • Distributor Sony