The Possession of Michael King

Michael King has a terrific family life, a beautiful wife and daughter and things are going well.  Unfortunately fate plays him a cruel hand and his wife dies in an accident.  Grief stricken, Michael decides to visit the medium who he feels is responsible for his wife’s death (she advised her not to go holiday and she died on one of the days she should have been in Europe).  Angry, confused and determined to disprove the after life, he decides to make a documentary showing demons, angels etc. are just a myth.  After visiting a couple of freaky new age demonologists and a creepy mortician Michael starts to hear voices.

The Possession of Michael King is a ‘found footage/fake documentary’ film, which displeased me greatly as I am sick to death of these films now unless they do something different as they are usually made on the cheap by inept directors and have equally piss poor acting from its cast.  This film breaks away from the norm and is generally very good.  As the film progresses Michael slips slowly away into insanity or perhaps it is a possession?  Filmed by camera set-ups in his home and his trusty cameraman friend we see everything including a couple of pretty disturbing scenes.

At times I felt a little uncomfortable, so throw in some jump scares, nice sound effects, a really good central performance from Shane Johnson as Michael and you have a great little horror movie.

It won’t set the world alight, but definately worth a bash.  It’s also a ’18’ so it’s not pandering to the younger audience.

  • Starring Shane Johnson  Ella Anderson  Cara Pifko  Cullen Douglas
  • Director David Jung
  • Distributor High Fliers