After the success of the fun sci-fi romp Starcrash, Italian producers approached director Luigi Cozzi to make a film along the lines of Ridley Scott’s Alien.  With the budget not really stretching to outer space shenanigans, Cozzi set his film on Earth and it works rather well due to this.

A mysterious ship floats into New York harbour and as the authorities board the ship, there is no one on board.  Investigating further, strange eggs are found and soon enough bodies start exploding in a rather gruesome slow motion fashion.  The government get involved and soon enough it materialises that sinister forces are at work.

Cozzi makes entertaining movies, I mentioned Starcrash (with ‘The Hoff’) and his Hercules with Lou Ferrigno is terrific, Contamination continues that trend.  It’s got some nice fun performances from it’s cast, a great music score from Goblin, gory effects and some excellent sound design.

Arrow’s blu-ray has as per usual some nice extras including a commentary from Fango editor Chris Alexander and some nice featurettes including one on Italian rip-off movies.

Cheesy B Movie Brilliance.

  • Starring Ian McCulloch  Luise Marleau  Marino Mase
  • Director Luigi Cozzi (as Lewis Coates)
  • Distributor Arrow Video