At a private medical research facility Professor Peterson and his team are experimenting with stem cells and bio-metric printing for the good of mankind.  However they are now dabbling with nature and are attempting to create a dinosaur.  Obviously these guys never saw Jurassic Park and it all goes a bit tits-up.

After members of the team are killed, the survivors are sent home and sworn to secrecy.  Some months later, one of the research assistants and her nosy journalist boyfriend go back to the lab to get to the bottom of it all.

Killer/Saurus isn’t an effects fest but uses some clever puppetry to show us the T-Rex with creative camera angles.  Mr. Rex isn’t seen much but looks quite smart when he’s shown and the film uses lots of smoke to create a nice atmosphere.  It’s quite a talky picture with lots of science babble, but it’s all easily understood and pretty well written.  It’s a pleasant hour of sci-fi hokum (there are long credits to pad out the running time) and it reminds me of a Charlie Band Full Moon production where no money didn’t stop the film makers giving it their best (of British).

Made on a shoestring and put together in about two months at the start of the year (thanks for that info, director Steve Lawson).  More Carnosaur than Jurassic World, Killer/Saurus isn’t too bad at all and hopefully with it’s ending a quick sequel can be made.

  • Starring Helen Crevel  Steven Dolton  Julian Boote
  • Director Steve Lawson
  • Distributor 88 Films