Shark KIller

On the island of Hawaii professional shark hunter and all-round love machine Chase Walker is approached by a lawyer with a proposition to kill a Great White Shark.  Chase agrees and he’s soon off to South Africa.  There he discovers that it has to be killed so his estranged brother can have a diamond which ended up in the shark’s belly.

Chase soon gets grief from local drug dealer and veteran bad-ass Arnold (The Mummy and Hard Target)  Vosloo who wants the diamond as he claims it’s his.  Chase and the lawyer Jasmine then head out to sea to track the shark.

Shark Killer is a very misleading title, sure there is some shark killing but someone who is expecting an Asylum/Syfy cheese fest will be disappointed.  It is a rather amusing action picture with a good central character, a very attractive damsel in distress and Vosloo in full panto mode as Nix the drug dealer.  Throw in some decent underwater photography, some nice effects (and stock footage) and you have almost 90 minutes of disposable chum (shark joke).

It certainly isn’t Jaws or even Sharknado, but it’s alright give it a go.

  • Starring Arnold Vosloo  Erica Cerra  Derek Theier
  • Director Sheldon Wilson
  • Distributor Image