Extreme Rules 2015

Being the first PPV since this year’s Wrestlemania,  Extreme Rules always has big shoes to fill and to be fair it rarely does.  However this year’s event had some pretty good highlights.

The first match saw Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper partipate in a street fight.  This actually spilled out of the ring, into a car and out of the arena.  Fairly unique and quite funny, the match concluded later on in the card.  Roman Reigns took on Big Show in a last standing match which I felt was quite boring and as much as I love Paul Wight, it’s time for him to step back.  Nikki Bella continued her now annoying dominance of the divas division by beating Naomi.  I have this nasty feeling she will allowed to beat AJ’s record reign, I pray she won’t.  Cena fought Rusev again, boring!!! and The New Day took on Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.  The New Day are incredibly annoying but are great heels, in particular Xavier Woods with his shouting and corny encouragement to Kofi and Big E.  To me he is like a second coming of Jimmy Hart – brilliant!!

Dolph Ziggler had the pleasure of meeting Sheamus in a ‘kiss my arse’ match which was fun and had a great finish.  On the kick off show Adrian Neville fought Bad News Barrett.  The main event was new WWE Champion Seth Rollins fighting Randy Orton in a steel cage.

The extras supplied on the disc are the kick off show match, some Seth Rollins matches from TV and other assorted bits and pieces (more on blu-ray).  It wasn’t the greatest PPV but it was entertaining and contained a couple of half decent bouts but WWE can do better.

  • Starring Rusev  Xavier Woods  Randy Orton  Big E  Cesaro
  • Distributor Fremantle / WWE