Return to Sender

Miranda Wells is a nurse working in the critical care department of the local hospital, she is popular with her colleagues and finally agrees to a blind date set up by a work-mate.  Her date arrives early at her house but eventually Miranda asks him to leave as he begins to make her uncomfortable, he then proceeds to rape her.

He is soon caught by the police and sent to prison.  Miranda tries to get on with her life but obviously proves difficult so she starts to write to her rapist in prison.

Return to Sender is a very well acted and put together drama/thriller.  Whilst some may find the concept far fetched that a rape victim befriends her attacker, all the pieces fall into place for a real stonker of a finale.  Rosamund Pike is awesome as Miranda and proves that she is one hell of an actress considering she had to follow Gone Girl with this film.  Nick Nolte (with a great beard) is equally as good as her worried Father and Shiloh Fernandez as the rapist William is thoughly nasty when he has to be and apologetic in equal measures.

Not the most pleasant of stories, a bit heavy and gloomy but worth checking out.

  • Starring Rosamund Pike  Shiloh Fernandez  Nick Nolte  Illeana Douglas
  • Director Fouad Mikati
  • Distributor Arrow Films