Charlie’s Farm

Deep in the Australian outback lies Charlie’s Farm, the alleged site of many murders mainly of backpackers and farm hands.  The locals have had enough and confront the family led by Bill (Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw 2) Moseley.  Suffice to say the family are killed and the son (Charlie) escapes into the bush.

Many years later, the story has passed into urban legend and two pals decide to go on a road trip to try and find the farm.  Going with one of their girl friends and her pal, they set off on the long drive ahead.  Despite being warned by locals and one of their friends played by Kane Hodder they are determined to find it, however Charlie is still there and doesn’t like house callers.

It’s a hyper violent slasher picture with a likeable cast which means when they bite the dust, you actually feel a little sorry for them.  Charlie himself is one big scary bastard (he’s played by ex-wrestler Nathan Jones, who’s also in Mad Max: Fury Road) covered in deformities who is ultra efficient carving up innocent people.

All in all, immensely entertaining in a 80’s throwback way with lots of nasty deaths.

  • Starring Nathan Jones  Tara Reid  Bill Moseley  Sam Coward
  • Director Chris Sun
  • Distributor Monster Pictures