Age Of Kill

When an operation goes pear shaped in Spain and an innocent man is shot dead, MI5 is called accountable for it’s actions and Sam Blake the sniper responsible quietly fades into the background.  Some months later he receives a phone call telling him his daughter has been abducted and unless he kills six people in six hours, she will die.  Meanwhile, elsewhere in London that same mystery caller is getting a young woman to steal computer secrets from a businessman’s hard drive.

Age of Kill is a rare beast.  A decent British action film with elements of various Hollywood blockbusters thrown into the mix. Martin Kemp gets his best role probably since The Krays (although that dodgy vampire flick with Alyssa Milano had it’s moments) as Sam, a man on the edge battling to save his daughter.  He’s supported by plenty of experienced thespians including Philip Davis, Patrick Bergin and Nick Moran.  The film is handsomely shot and the action sequences are handled well.  Throw in some football hooligans out to cause aggro and you have a terrific movie.

Keep an eye out for a picture of Ian Ogilvy as his character from ‘We Still Kill the Old Way’ on a pub wall.  Nice touch as both films are from the same production company.

Very entertaining and worth adding to the collection.  In fact I watched an online screener and will buy it when it gets released.  You aren’t gonna get a bigger recomendation from me than that.

  • Starring Martin Kemp  Philip Davis  Lucy Pinder  Bruce Payne  Dani Dyer
  • Director Neil Jones
  • Distributor Platform Entertainment