Jurassic City

All hell has broken loose at a genetics lab and the experiments have escaped.  These experiments however are ‘raptors and they are very hungry.  The head of the facility calls in his miltary troubleshooters to transport them to a prison ran by Warden Lewis (Ray Wise).  They escape and run loose chomping on any convenient prisoners or guards that happen to be around.

One of the inmates, a notorious murderer named Doyle leads the fightback with the help of some college girls and other assorted criminals.  Of course the ‘raptors soon learn their way around the prison and work out how to open doors as long as there is a meal waiting for them.

Who will survive in this frankly gormless entertaining pile of old tosh which ticks all the right boxes for a B movie cheese-fest?

  1. Dodgy head of genetics lab played by Vernon Wells (Bennett from Commando).
  2. Two rather attractive college girls covering themselves in baby oil for a wrestling match.
  3. X Box level CGI.
  4. Comedy drunks.
  5. Bitchy female prisoners who obviously like some lady love.
  6. Completely misleading box cover art with the star of Jurassic World (Bryce Dallas Howard) incorrectly quoted on the film’s synopsis.

Totally forgettable but you can’t help enjoy it for the sheer stupidity of it all.

  • Starring Ray Wise  Kevin Gage  Vernon Wells  Felissa Rose
  • Director Sean Cain
  • Distributor Signature Entertainment