When the producer of Re-Animator decided to direct his first film, he made something which was totally unforgettable, thankfully in a good way.

Bill Whitney is your typical high school student, but is troubled with anxiety and paranoia.  He goes to see a therapist who listens to his issues and tries to assure him he will be fine, but the people in Bill’s life including his parents are harbouring a very big secret.  Bill is convinced things are not what they seem as he starts to see strange things such as contorted bodies and maggots in apples.  His sister’s ex-boyfriend plays him a tape of some kind of weird sex party and then is killed. Let’s just say that the local ‘society’ as in the judge and assorted rich people are not exactly pillars of the community.

Society is a unique film and has to be experienced.  It has a sharp funny script set against snobbery and a 90210’esque high school. There are great over the top performances particularly in the climax and some of the best make-up effects from Screaming Mad George ever seen on screen.  It is rather gross at times but that is all part of the fun and in the 25 years since it was made has in no way lost it’s impact.

Arrow’s blu-ray is a nicely restored version prepared in Germany and comes with plenty of good quality extras featuring the director Brian Yuzna among others.  The package is well put together with writing on the film and a comic book sequel.

It’s odd and whacked out (especially the title song).  I loved it back in the 90’s and still do now.

  • Starring Billy Warlock  Devin DeVasquez  Ben Slack
  • Director Brian Yuzna
  • Distributor Arrow Video