The Dentist

There are not many people who like going to get their teeth checked, so this film is likely to give you some very uncomfortable moments.  Corbin Bernsen plays Alan Feinstone, a successful Los Angeles dentist with a flash house and a beautiful wife.  Unfortunately Alan is slightly bonkers and when he spots his wife getting cosy with the pool cleaner he finally snaps.

Getting his revenge on his unfaithful wife and lover is just the beginning, no one will be safe from the wrath of ‘The Dentist’.  This gives the director Brian Yuzna and his special effects people to go to town with some great dental deaths.  I rarely cringe at films but there were a couple of scenes where I wanted to look away but couldn’t.  Bernsen is gloriously over the top as Feinstone, totally disgusted at the filth of society and the state of people’s choppers.  His loyal staff have no idea that he has lost the plot, but when they work it out let’s just say that he will have to take on some new people for his practice.

This film (and it’s sequel) has been sat in my collection for a number of years (having picked it up on holiday in Florida) for some unknown reason I haven’t watched it until recently.  All I can say is don’t make my mistake, watch this fine horror as soon as you can with some non-sugary snacks as Dr. Feinstone may pay you a visit and you don’t want that.

  • Starring Corbin Bernsen  Linda Hoffman  Ken Foree
  • Director Brian Yuzna
  • Distributor Trimark (Lionsgate)