Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth

It is six years since future cop Jack Deth killed Martin Whistler and destroyed the last of his Trancer followers.  Spending quality time with his wife Leena, Jack gets a funny feeling that there could be trouble brewing and returns home to see how his old friend Hap Ashby is.  You may remember Hap is related to a ruling member of the council years into the future and must be protected at all costs.

Jack is right and it turns out Whistler has a brother, Dr. Waldo played by veteran bad guy Richard Lynch. There is even more grief coming his way as in the future they have decided to send his wife back to kill Waldo.  Problem is that Jack’s wife is dead and they travelled back the day before she died and sent her to 1991.  He’s now got two wives after his attention and there are Trancers to singe as well…

The film is as you would expect is great fun and Tim Thomerson is having a ball playing Jack.  Helen Hunt returns as Leena and we get Biff Manard, Telma Hopkins and Art LaFleur returning from part one.  Jack’s future wife is played by Megan Ward who would go on to star in Arcade and the incredibly barmy Joe’s Apartment.  The supporting cast is to die for as we have Hammer star Martine Beswicke and Reanimator’s Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton.

The film has been remastered and is a huge improvement on previous fullscreen DVD releases and my old crummy EiV VHS.  We have the old Full Moon Videozone as well as a commentary, trailers and bloopers as extras.  A very agreeable release and well worth picking up.  Let’s hope somewhere ‘down the line’ (Trancers joke) Part III with Shark the android gets remastered.

  • Starring Tim Thomerson  Helen Hunt  Richard Lynch  Alyson Croft
  • Director Charles Band
  • Distributor 88 Films